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Patented and unique machines

Net machine 2.0
Netmaskine 2.0 - Fritlagt
Our meshing engine defines speed with seamless meshing at high speed. Passed security approval provides reassurance...
Pakker - Fritlagt
An incredibly reliable solution that ensures trouble-free unloading when changing pallets and impressive pressing power. Security...
Vario box
Variokasse - Fritlagt
With easy operation of box size, this advanced solution offers an impressive variability from 1900 to 3000 mm...
MiniNetHP - Fritlagt
This compact and intelligent mini netting machine is an essential partner in the Christmas tree industry, combining precision and...
Cutter HoPa - Fritlagt
This innovative single-wheel cutter combines agile maneuverability with advanced technology, making it ideal for...
Packages with swing loader
Pakker med Svinglæsser - Fritlagt
It focuses on an excellent working environment by offering an intuitive and hassle-free way to handle both large and...
Designed with a pivoting drawbar for smooth control, it impresses with a low unloading height that facilitates loading and unloading...
Scrap tape
Udskudsbånd - Fritlagt
An extremely flexible solution, with both radio-controlled hydraulics and manual control. Suitable for net machine and conveyor...
Fertilizer spreader
Gødningsspreder - Fritlagt
The fertilizer spreader is the ultimate partner in efficient farming practices. It works depending on the driving and ensures an even...
Our drill is a cutting-edge innovation designed to deliver exceptional drilling precision and work efficiency...
Spidser - Helt Fritlagt
Our innovative solution, which is safety approved, provides a correct sharpening every time with the stop/start function...
High side lift
Høj side lift - Fritlagt
The ideal solution when it comes to efficient net machine operation in Christmas tree culture. This innovative lifting device...
Low side lift
Lav side lift - Fritlagt
A ground-breaking solution that effectively addresses the challenges of wood input to the netting machine and conveyor belt. The...

The working process for the machine is divided into 4 phases:

Tree Tech's wrapping and netting machine is powered by the tractor's hydraulic system.

The operations are controlled electrically by a computer. Many security aspects and ease of use offered by this system surpass many developments on the market to date.

Phase 1

The wood is placed in the gripper with the cut side and the machine is activated with shoulder contact.

Phase 2

Now the gripper closes the root end and pulls the tree into the tree with a hydraulic cylinder.

Phase 3

The gripper opens and another conveyor belt is lowered onto the tree from above to transport the wood further on the conveyor belt. At the same time, the gripper moves back to its starting position to pick up the next tree. The support of the second conveyor belt makes it possible to guarantee the netting process even in snow and frost!

Phase 4

After the web is cut by the automatic knives, the large conveyor transports the wood on to the rear-mounted packing machine. The conveyor belt can also be used to transport already netted trees.

Tree tech - part of bredsgaard a/S


The owner of Bredsgaard A/S and developer of the TREE TECH package and the net machine is Bent Hansen, who as a self-employed person for more than 15 years has worked with the production of solutions and service within machines for, among other things, forestry, contractors and the agricultural industry. Experience from his industry knowledge of forests and Christmas trees is of course included and led to the development of a machine which, via a rational and gentle compression of the trees on pallets, rationalises and cheapens the transport of the trees from the culture to the point of sale.

The solution of the future - developed in collaboration with users

Our machines are developed in collaboration with users. The machines are produced and assembled in Denmark and meet the EU's machinery directive and the safety requirements of the Norwegian Occupational Safety and Health Administration.

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